Reading Les Fleurs du Mal Today

October 2, 2007
Public Lecture by Jonathan Culler

Indigčnes (Days of Glory)

September 26, 2007
Film screening

George Sand et l'idéalisme

A public lecture by Damien Zanone

France and the Challenge of Diversity

April 5, 2007
Public Lecture by Dominique Dubois

Film, Human Rights and Justice

January 9, 2007
Public Lecture by Christian Delage

Boundaries and Limits of Postcolonialism: Anglophone, Francophone, Global

November 30-December 2, 2006
International Conference

Reception in Honor of Winthrop-King Institute Director

November 28, 2006
Open to the public

Alfred Jarry ou le génie dévoyé

November 9, 2006
Public lecture by Professor Henri Béhar

The weight of France's colonial past on immigration policy

October 23, 2006
Public lecture by Alexis Spire

George Sand et l'institution littéraire

October 17, 2006
Public Lecture by Professor Martine Reid