Joan of Arc: Left, Right and Center

February 1, 2005
Public Lecture by Professor John E. Flower

Textual Ownership in Francophone African Writing

October 22-23, 2004
International colloquium

Terror and Fundamentalism

September 23, 2004
Literary Reading by Slimane Benaïssa

Film and History in France

September 14, 2004
Public Lecture by Christian Delage and Vincent Guigueno

Access and Accountability in French and U.S. Higher Education

February 20, 2004
International symposium

Reading “Race” in French Studies

February 14, 2004
International symposium

Simone Weil and Colonialism

January 22, 2004
Public Lecture by Pat Little (St Patrick’s College, Dublin City University)

La France Actuelle

November 7, 2003
Lecture by M. Christophe Bouchard, Consul Général de France, Miami

French Government Ceremony Honoring Winthrop-King Institute Director

November 6, 2003
Public ceremony marking award of Palmes Académiques

Cultural Memory in France: Margins and Centers

International Conference
October 30 - November 1, 2003