This photo exhibit and series of conferences explore the long history of migration in Europe and tracks the materialization of increasingly hostile migration policies in Europe. In the past twenty years, hardline immigration policies have changed the physical, cultural, and political landscapes in Europe. Presenters will talk about the British handling of borders outside national limits; security infrastructure and confinement; incarceration, violence and the politics of deterrence; old and new networks of solidarity in France, Italy, and Germany; representations of migration in France, Germany, and Italy. 

Photo exhibit: photographs by Eric Leleu

Date: February 22, 2019 12pm


Susanna Antonielli, Florida State University

Tenley Bick, Florida State University

Vincent Joos, Florida State University

Eric Leleu, Independent Photographer

Carolina Sanchez Boe, Danish Research Foundation fellow,
CERLIS Université Paris Descartes - Sorbonne Cité, IMC Aarhus University

Max Scholz, Florida State Univeristy

Helen Solterer, Duke Univerisity

Dana Weber, Florida State University




5.00-6.00 PM - MoFA
Opening at MoFA , introduction by Vincent Joos (FSU)
Visit to photography exhibition by Eric Leleu.
Followed by light reception


9:00-10.30 AM - DIF 009
Moderator: Martin Munro (FSU)

Session 1: Historical Contexts

Helen Solterer (Duke University) Enclaves: European Fictions for Locking People In & Keeping People Out
Max Scholz (FSU) >500 Years of Refugee Accommodation In Germany

10.30-11.00 Coffee Break

11.00-12.30 PM  - FAB 249
Moderator: Silvia Valisa

Session 2: Italian and German Perspectives

Dana Weber (FSU), “The Birthday of a New Germany:” Hospitality and Hostility during the Refugee Influx of 2015-2016
Susanna Antonielli (FSU), Framing Flows: Italian and European Debates on Migration and Asylum Law
Tenley Bick (FSU), Porta d'Europa: Art and Activism in Italy in the Age of the European Migration Crisis

12.30-1.45 PM Lunch at Suwannee Room

1.45-2.45 FAB 249
Screening of Calais, The End of the Jungle

2.45-3.00 PM - Coffee Break

3.00-4.00 PM - FAB 249
Moderator: Vincent Joos
Carolina Sanchez-Boe (Danish Research Foundation fellow, CERLIS Université Paris Descartes - Sorbonne Cité, IMC Aarhus University)
Infrastructures of Confinement. Migration Policies and the Criminalization of Migrants and their Allies in Contemporary France

Session 3: The Undeported

4.00-5.00 PM - FAB 249
Roundtable with all speakers: The Future of Migration