About The Winthrop-King Institute

at Florida State University


Since its inception in 2002, FSU’s Winthrop-King Institute for Contemporary French and Francophone Studies has been a beacon for the humanities, and grown to be the foremost center of its kind in the nation and beyond. Directed by Dr. Martin Munro, Eminent Scholar Chair and professor of French in FSU’s Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics, the Winthrop-King Institute seeks to advance knowledge of France and the French-speaking world in the United States as well as to promote interdisciplinary work that encourages new understandings of France and its relationship to the world. With a focus on the contemporary, we aim to bring greater scholarly attention to the rich and diverse cultures belonging to the French-speaking world.

Our conferences are known worldwide for bringing together leading figures from French and Francophone cultures and American students—to date, we have organized more than one hundred such events. Our work is materialized in the dissertations, papers, and books published by our students, graduates, and affiliated faculty members. Our events have resulted in the publication of more than forty academic books and journal issues. Guided by a spirit of freedom, equality, and solidarity, the Winthrop-King Institute has become a vital resource for the enrichment of humanistic inquiry and education in the academic setting and the community at large.



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The Winthrop-King events advance the knowledge of France and The French-speaking world.
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These graduate students awards support students' conference and research travel.
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Unique opportunities to study abroad are available with our scholarships.
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Faculty travel support provided to present their work at national and international conferences.
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For high school students in Leon County interested in French and Francophone studies.
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Academic journals and books that draw on work presented at the Winthrop-King events.
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