Christine/Chris/Redcar and Global Frenchness

Winthrop-King Institute, International Conference

Thursday, 20 October 2022 

All times are in EDT

Panel 1
10.00-11.45 AM
Genres, collaborations, markets
Chair: Timothy Lomeli

  • Romain Chareyron (University of Saskatchewan) « Faire corps » avec les mots: Christine and the Queens, ou le bouleversement des codes de la chanson française  
  • Michaël Spanu (University of Manchester), Chris et les nouveaux modèles d'export de musique "made in France" 
  • Deborah Hooper (Independent scholar), Covers and collaborations: how musical affiliations strategically consolidate existing audiences and reach new markets
  • Martin Munro (Florida State University), Breaking Through in 2016: Hybridity, Relation, Tilting 

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11.45 AM-12.00 PM


Panel 2
12.00-1.30 PM
Gender and queerness
Chair: Martin Munro

  • Chris Tinker (Heriot-Watt University), Defining Queer in UK and French press coverage of Christine and the Queens. 
  • Ellie Brooks (University of Manchester) ,Genderfuck it! Disruption of the gender binary with Christine and the Queens 
  • Timothy Lomeli (Florida State University), Redcar: Beyond Gender? Celebrity Gender and "Post-Gender" Expression? 

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1.30-2.00 PM


2.00-3.00 PM
From Christine to Chris to Redcar: Reflections on Gender, Genre, and Queer Celebrity
Opening Remarks: Barbara LeBrun and Denis Provencher

Roundtable discussion with all the conference speakers and organizers

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