From Katrina to Michael: Disaster in the 21st-century Circum-Caribbean

International Conference
20-21 February 2020

Winthrop-King Institute for Contemporary French and Francophone Studies
 Florida State University, Tallahassee

Conference Organizers: Matthew Goldmark, Anasa Hicks, Vincent Joos, Martin Munro, Jeannine Murray-Román, John Ribó

Conference Artist: Édouard Duval Carrié



Sessions on Thursday, February 20, 2020 will be held at FSU’s Student Services Building (SSB) Sessions on Friday, February 21, 2020 will be held at FSU’s Fine Arts Building (FAB)

Thursday, February 20

8.15AM - Registration/coffee

8.45AM - Welcoming remarks

9.00AM - 10.30AM – Panels 1a and 1b

Panel 1a (SSB 203)

Post-disaster Cultural Production

CHAIR: Candace Ward

  • Jeannine Murray-Román (FSU). Hurricane Diaries: Post-María Heterotopias in Amado Rodríguez Lebrón's Buenos Días Colonizadxs
  • Rachel Douglas (University of Glasgow). Creating Rasanblaj: Haitian Cultural Production Beyond the Earthquake
  • Martin Munro (FSU). Reading and Writing Post-2010 Haitian Literature

Panel 1b  (SSB 208)

Small-Scale Dynamics of Large-Scale Disasters Before 1800

CHAIR: Anasa Hicks

  • Laurie Wood (FSU). Disaster Capitalism in Pre-Revolutionary Saint-Domingue
  • Robert Taber (Fayetteville State University). Shaking Things Up: Life in Colonial Haiti After the Earthquakes
  • Mary Draper (Midwestern State University). The Politics of Piloting After the 1692 Port Royal Earthquake

10.30-10.45 - Coffee

10.45-11.30 – Presentation and Roundtable on journal 360 (SSB 208)

  • Vincent Joos (FSU)
  • Mehdi Chalmers (360)
  • Carine Schermann (360)

11.30AM-1.00 PM – Lunch (Suwannee Room)

1.00-2.00 Keynote Lecture (SSB 208)

Chair: Martin Munro

  • Laura Wagner (Freelance anthropologist) The Earthquake Never Really Ends: Douz Janvye, Hurricane Matthew, and the Long Afterlife of Disaster.

2.00-2.30 – Coffee

2.30-4.00 – Panels 2a and 2b

Panel 2a (SSB 208)

Disaster and Cultural Heritage

CHAIR: John Ribo

  • Paul Niell (FSU).& Kyle Killian (FSU).  Architectural Heritage and Disaster Management in Puerto Rico
  • Jayur Mehta (FSU). Consequences of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise on Cultural and Historical Resources along the Northern Gulf Coast of Mexico
  • Vanessa Selk (Tout-Monde Foundation) Art and Politics facing Disaster in the Caribbean

Panel 2b (SSB 214)

Infrastructure, Tourism, Resilience

CHAIR: Manfa Sanogo

  • Greg Beckett (University of Western Ontario). The Blackout as Political Paradigm: On the Infrastructure of Disaster in Haiti
  • Mila Turner (FAMU). From Disaster Tourism to Recovery Tourism: Lessons Learned from 21st-Century Disasters
  • Giorgia Cristiani (Tulane University). Resilience, exoticism, and otherness in post-earthquake Haiti narratives

4.15-5.15 – Keynote lecture(SSB 208)

Chair: Jeanine Murray-Roman

  • Yarimar Bonilla (Rutgers University). Post-Disaster Futures: Caribbean Politics in the Wake

5.15-6.00 – Film screening (THEATHER)

  • Malia Bruker (FSU). Batay La (2019)

6.15-7.45 – Reception for participants (Venue: Askew Student Life Center)

  • Welcome reception for conference participants.

Friday, February 21

9.30-11.00 - Panels 3a and 3b

Panel 3a (FAB 249)

Case Studies

CHAIR: Jean Francois Cheuwa

  • Jean-Kesnold Mesidor (FSU). Gender Differences in Resilience and Coping Strategies Three Years after the 2010 Haitian Earthquake
  • John McGreevy (University of Georgia). Comparing household natural resource use and disaster response across a varied landscape in Camp Perrin, Haiti
  • Yann-Ollivier Kersaint (Universität Münster). (Un)planned Vulnerabilities: The Production of Vulnerability in post-earthquake Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The Case of Canaan

Panel 3b (FAB 332)

Literary Representations

CHAIR: Michelle Bumatay

  • Laura Loth (Rhodes College). Past Disasters and Future Survivors: Narratives of Saint-Pierre in the face of Climate Change
  • Brigitte Tsobgny (FSU). Déboisement et écologie : Représentations de la nature dans Les Arbres musiciens de Jacques Stephen Alexis
  • Alex Lenoble (USF). Mélovivi ou le piège: ni prophétie ni malédiction

11.00-11.15 – Coffee

11.15-12.45 – Panels 4a and 4b

Panel 4a (FAB 249)

Capital, Austerity, Governance

CHAIR: Mara Rainwater

  • Jana Braziel (Miami University). Cat Bonds and Necrocapitalism in Haiti and Puerto Rico
  • Vincent Joos (FSU). Repeating Disasters: Austerity, Industrialization, and Neocolonialism in Haiti

Panel 4b (FAB 332)

Community Recovery and Resilience

CHAIR: Peter Osne

  • Cassandra R. Davis (UNC). Unwavering After the Storm...
  • Shaleen Miller (UNC). Collaboration for Resilience, Post-Disaster: A reflection on practice in Post-Maria Puerto Rico

12.45-2.00 – Lunch (Suwannee Room)

2.00-3.30 – Panels 5a and 5b

Panel 5a (FAB 249)

Ritual, Memory, Apocalypse

CHAIR: Kellen Hoxworth

  • Maxine Montgomery (FSU). Romance After the Ruin: Beyonce's Lemonade as Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy
  • Shearon Roberts (Xavier University). From Profiling to Pups: Examining Intrusions on African American traditions during Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest.
  • John Ribó (FSU). Post-Disaster Wake Work in the Circum-Caribbean

Panel 5b (FAB 332)

Visual and textual cultures

CHAIR: Matt Goldmark

  • Silvia Baage (McDaniel College). Environmental Disasters and Local Resistance in Frank Smith's Katrina, Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiane
  • Ana Baez (Colorado State University). The Forbidding of Representation: Eduardo Lalo and Puerto Rican Photography
  • Randi Kristensen (George Washington University). Round and Round: Disaster capitalism and cruel optimism in the circum-Caribbean

3.30-3.45 – Coffee

3.45-4.30 – Global Disaster Roundtable

Organizers: Vincent Joos (FSU) and Kristina Buhrman (FSU)


  • Azat Gundogan (FSU)
  • Aaron Lan (FSU)
  • Matt Mewhinney (FSU)
  • Silvia Valisa (FSU)

4.45-6.00 Keynote lecture (FAB 249)

CHAIR: Vincent Joos

  • Mark Schuller (Northern Illinois University and Faculté d’Ethnologie – Université d’Etat d’Haïti) Haiti’s Humanitarian Occupation Ten Years Later: NGOoing the Country

6.00-7.30  Closing Reception for participants at the Museum of Fine Arts (MoFA)

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