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Modern Languages and Linguistics - French Faculty


Dr. Aimée Boutin


Coordinator and Advisor

338 Diffenbaugh



Dr. Reinier Leushuis

Associate Professor

Associate Department Chair, Graduate Studies

316A Diffenbaugh



Dr. Martin Munro

Eminent Professor

Director of the Winthrop-King Institute for Francophone Studies

402 Diffenbaugh



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Dr. Jeannine Murray-Román

Assistant Professor

362 Diffenbaugh



Osborn headshot

Dr. Virginia Osborn

Teaching Faculty II

Director of French Basic Language Program

367 Diffenbaugh




Dr. Marie-France Prosper-Chartier

Teaching Faculty I

331 Diffenbaugh



treacy headshot 1

Dr. Corbin Treacy

Assistant Professor

371 Diffenbaugh


Dr. Lori Walters

The Harry F. Williams Professor of French

370 Diffenbaugh



French Faculty Emeritus


Dr. William Cloonan

Professor Emeritus

The Richard Chapple Professor of Modern Languages and Linguistics


Dr. Alec Hargreaves

Professor Emeritus

The Ada Belle Winthrop-King Professor of French


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French Faculty by period

Medieval Leushuis, Walters
Early-Modern/Renaissance Leushuis, Walters
Seventeenth Century Walters
Nineteenth Century Boutin
Twentieth Century Munro, Murray-Román, Treacy
Contemporary French and Francophone Studies Munro, Murray-Román, Treacy

French Faculty by Area of Interest

Caribbean Munro, Murray-Román
Cinema Leushuis, Munro, Murray-Román, Treacy
Cultural studies Boutin, Murray-Román, Treacy, Walters
Digital Humanities Murray-Román
Gender studies Boutin, Leushuis, Murray-Román, Osborn, Walters
Humanism Leushuis, Walters
Maghrebi Studies Treacy
Migration and Diaspora Studies Munro, Murray-Román, Treacy
Modernism Boutin, Treacy
Novel             Boutin, Munro, Treacy
Pacific and Indian Oceans Murray-Román
Poetry Boutin, Leushuis, Munro, Walters
(Post) Colonialism Munro, Murray-Román, Treacy
Rhetorical Tradition Leushuis, Walters
Theater Murray-Román
Theory Boutin, Murray-Román
West Africa Munro, Murray-Román
Women’s studies Boutin, Leushuis, Osborn, Walters
World Wars Osborn
Word and Image, Lit. and Visual Arts Boutin, Walters