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Ada Belle Winthrop-King Scholarship


Deadline for Completed Applications: October 9, 2017 by 5:00 pm


The purpose of the Ada Belle Winthrop-King Undergraduate Summer Semester Scholarship in Japanese is to provide an opportunity for an undergraduate student at Florida State University to facilitate study on Western Washington University’s summer Japanese program in Tokyo, Japan.  

The award is valued at $6,000. Previous study or travel in a Japanese-speaking country will not make the applicant ineligible. The scholarship is repeatable. To be eligible to take up the award, applicants must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 in Japanese and complete at least two courses in Japanese at FSU, each worth three credits or more, on and above JPN 2300 by not later than the end of the semester in which the application is made.

The application consists of:

  • Part A Online application (student academic information, electronic resume and a statement of purpose)
  • Part B (hard copy form that must be completed and turned in, in person to the Department of Modern Languages Main Office (Diffenbaugh 362) along with a copy of the student’s unofficial FSU transcripts)

Applicants are subject to the General Conditions and Procedures Governing Winthrop-King Awards (see below).


How to Submit Your Application

All required parts of the scholarship application must be completed and submitted by the advertised Winthrop-King applications deadline. As you will need some time to prepare your application, you are strongly advised to complete those preparations well before the advertised deadline so that you can complete and submit all parts of your application on time. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered by the Scholarships Committee. Be sure to comply with all of the important instructions below; failure to do so will render you ineligible for an award.

Part A: On-line application form

This part of the application is to be submitted electronically. You may save your data and return to it later before submitting the completed application. When your application is complete, you must press the “submit” button. If you do not press the “submit” button by the advertised deadline, your application will not be considered by the Scholarships Committee.

Part B: Transcripts (hard-copy submission)

Applicants must print and fill out the Part B Application Form (see below) and submit with it along with their unofficial GPA transcripts of all undergraduate courses which they have taken. Based on the information supplied by the candidate the Undergraduate Office in the Department of Modern Languages will calculate (a) the applicant's overall GPA in all undergraduate courses and (b) the applicant's GPA in all undergraduate courses taken in the language of the award for which they are applying.

Completed Part B cover sheets, transcript forms and accompanying documents must be turned in to the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics main office, Diffenbaugh rm. 362, by not later than 5:00 pm on the advertised deadline. As proof of receipt by the advertised deadline, applicants must sign the sign-in sheet provided for this purpose in the Department of Modern Languages Main Office (Diffenbaugh 362).

Part C

You must sign the list of applicants form when you submit your Part B application to the department’s main office.


As the Japanese scholarship is for study on a program administered by a US university other than FSU, applicants must submit with Part B supporting documentation (e.g. program brochure or internet address) sufficient to enable the Department Chair to assess the suitability of their proposed program of study.

The Japanese scholarship is for study only at Western Washington University’s summer program in Tokyo, Japan. Applicants may not use the award to study at any other program, whether at a private language school or another accredited university. Applicants must specify the proposed program of study on Part B of the application; applications that do not specify proposed study at Western Washington University’s summer program in Tokyo, Japan will not be considered by the Scholarships Committee.

Before applying for the program of study, applicants are strongly advised to seek guidance from the Division Coordinator in the language concerned to be informed about the program and inquire about the credit transfer procedure.

Applicants intending to study on a program administered by a university other than FSU should note that under FSU regulations, credits transferred from another U.S. university cannot be included in their last 30 credits prior to graduation. Applicants must check with their respective colleges on whether and how they can be exempt.

All applicants for Winthrop-King awards must apply separately for admission to their intended program of study abroad. Admissions deadlines and procedures are administered by the organizing body of the study abroad program, for which the Winthrop-King Fund has no responsibility.


Please note that the Winthrop-King Institute’s role is limited in governing the scholarship application process and disbursing the scholarship funds to the winners through the Financial Aid or Payroll offices. Information and processes on how to transfer credits and/or whether they are transferable is the responsibility of the applicant. The Winthrop-King Institute will not assist in transferring credits. It is the student's responsibility to inquire about this and seek advice on how to transfer credits from the program coordinator of the language they are applying for.



All applicants

All Winthrop-King awards are subject to the availability of funds.

Awards are made for future study in the semester specified in the application; they may not be made for current or past semesters nor for the semester in which applicant is intending to graduate. Awards are made for the specified semester and may not be deferred until a later date. Awards cannot be taken up after graduation from FSU. Successful applicants who are unable to attend the program for which they are awarded funds must repay the award within 7 days of the commencement of the program.

Awards will not be granted for study in programs which FSU prohibits or discourages its students from attending, e.g. on the grounds of U.S. State Department travel warnings; awards may be withdrawn at any time on the grounds of revised FSU advice or prohibition.

If you receive federal or state financial aid, these awards may affect your entitlement. You are advised to check with the aid agency before applying for one of these awards.

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all necessary information, including a valid e-mail address, is provided legibly on the application form, together with supporting transcripts and other required documentation. Applications which are incomplete, illegible or in any other way ineligible will not be considered by the Scholarship Committee.

Awards are made at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee, taking into account all the information provided on the application form. The Committee's decision is final. If the Committee so determines, no award will be made. Candidates will be notified of the outcome of their applications by e-mail in January 2017. The Committee does not provide any additional feedback to candidates. In view of the large number of applicants, the notification process may take several days and candidates should not be concerned if some applicants receive notification before others. Candidates are responsible for supplying a valid e-mail address in their application and for checking their e-mail account for messages.

Under FSU and federal regulations, funds cannot be disbursed to recipients before the week after Drop-Add in the semester for which the scholarship is awarded, and not until later in the case of recipients studying on a program administered by a U.S. university other than FSU. If you expect to incur expenditures (e.g. the purchase of airline tickets or course fees) prior to the disbursement of the award, you will be responsible for making such payments at the time they are due; scholarship funds cannot be disbursed in advance of the time indicated above.

Recipients of Winthrop-King Awards are required to attend Honors Night held in April.

The Florida State University (University) is an equal opportunity employer and educational provider committed to a policy of non-discrimination for any member of the University’s community on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, veterans’ or marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or any other protected group status. This policy applies to faculty, staff, students, visitors, applicants, and contractors in a manner consistent with applicable federal and state laws, regulations, ordinances, orders and rules, and University policies, procedures, and processes.

For scholarship recipients who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and who have completed all the necessary formalities by the due dates, awards are made available by FSU Student Financial Services the week after Drop-Add in the semester of the award after deduction of any balances owed by the student to the University.

Recipients who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents will receive their awards up to two weeks after Drop-Add period in the semester of the award after deduction of any balances owed by the student to the University and after withholding up to 14% in taxes.


Before their awards can be disbursed, applicants who receive awards for study in a program administered by a U.S. university other than FSU must complete and submit to the Registrar's office a 'transient student' form and must complete and submit to the Financial Aid office a 'consortium' agreement form; verification of enrollment on the program of study for which the award is made must subsequently be provided by the U.S. university administering the program and submitted to the FSU Financial Aid office. Verification of enrollment will not be available from the U.S. university administering the program until after the commencement of the program; the period of time which may elapse between commencement of the program and verification of enrollment is determined by the U.S. university administering program.

Recipients must also complete a Financial Aid summer application form that can be accessed through blackboard.

Awards will be disbursed after deduction of any balances owed by the student to the University.

Awards cannot be disbursed by FSU until all the above steps have been completed.

The Office of Financial Aid 'transient student' form may be accessed at: http://financialaid.fsu.edu/Apply-for-Aid/Transient-Students

The 'consortium form' may be accessed at: http://financialaid.fsu.edu/Apply-for-Aid/Transient-Students/Required-Documents

For further information, visit the Undergraduate Department webpage. It may be accessed at: http://undergrad.fsu.edu/Academic-Information/Leaving-and-Returning-Emergency-Leave#eztoc1548367_1

For further advice on these forms that contact Carolyne Blakely in the FSU Financial Aid office: (850) 644-5716; cblakely@admin.fsu.edu.


In view of the time required to complete these procedures, award-winners are strongly advised to begin filling out the forms immediately upon notification of their awards. Recipients must submit the completed forms by not later than February 15, 2018.


Upon completion of the program, applicants who receive award for study on a program administered by a U.S. university other than FSU must submit the transcript from the U.S. university administering program to the Admissions office at FSU to complete the credit transfer process. Successful completion of Western Washington University’s summer program in Tokyo, Japan is equivalent to 6 credit hours of Japanese at FSU. Successful completion of Western Washington University’s summer program in Tokyo, Japan is equivalent to 6 credit hours of Japanese at FSU.



Application Form
Part A
Application Form
Part B
To be completed and submitted online by all applicants To be completed and submitted in hard copy by all applicants




If you have any questions about Winthrop-King awards, undergraduates should address these in the first instance to icffs@mailer.fsu.edu.

If you experience technical difficulties in submitting the on-line Part A of your application, e-mail Ray Marky at rmarky@fsu.edu indicating the nature of the difficulty, which must be notified before the deadline for applications.

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